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I began my working career as a Analyst & Full stack Developer, thus I know very well most dev languages and technologies (client & server) and the main DBMS. This background allows me to technically relate with members of the project team and vendors, reducing the analysis and management costs; but mostly It helps me to make decisions better evaluating all related things and risks.

Over time, I got hooked on Management and company flows improvement; therefore I achieved many related certifications: ITIL (Process Management), PMP (Project Management "classic") e PSM I (Scrum). In my daily work I use my know-how with the main goal of creating value. Create value for my customers tailoring the better solution for their requirements or create value for the company I work for sharing my knowledge and experiences with my colleagues.

Management Skills:

  • Waterfall, Agile (Scrum, Kanban, XP)
  • Budget Management
  • Problem Solving / Business Analysis
  • WBS, RACI Matrix, Risk An., SWOT An.
  • DevOps (CI, CD)


  • Jira, Trello, Asana, Confluence
  • Wordpress, Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce
  • Sharepoint
  • SQL Server Management Studio, HeidiSQL, Toad


  • MS SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • My SQL

Dev Skills

  • .Net Framework
  • Developer languages: C#, C, C++, java
  • Web: ASP.net, MVC, WCF, Web Service, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3
  • Web Script: javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap, Ractive, React
  • Other: Silverlight, WPF and MVVM pattern
  • Special attention to User Experience

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Trello vs Asana: what is the best?

Before writing this post I tried both for a while and here my review about free features.

There is no winner and no loser even though Asana has some interesting features…

Project Types / Prject Views

In Trello every project is a Kanban board and are called board. On the other hand Asana call them projects and supports two different views:

  • List
  • Card/Kanban

Here a List Project 

Here a Card/Kanban Project

This Asana feature is very interesting but unfortunately it is not possible to switch between the 2 views.


Asana supports the Calendar feature out of the box, while Trello neeeds the Calendar powe up  to be installed in the board and unfortunately in the free version only one power up could be installed.

Conversations / Chat

Asana has another great feature: Conversation.
This allows your team to share your ideas so it is not necessary using slack to let your team talking about the project

Task  Done

While in Trello there is no way to say that a task is completed like in jira (task completion) if not only moving a card from one list to another.
Asana supports it like a check box and using the task completion timestamp to create some charts.


Both support subtasks as a checklist but Asana has something more.
In Trello a line inside a checklist is only text and could only be completed.
In Asana instead, every line in the checklist is a Task; clicking it, it is possible to specify a description and attach files for each item.
This would be great if only it was possible to see each subtask as a card, but unfortunately it’s not available therefore there is not so much difference between them.

Image Copy & Paste

Trello allows you to copy an image and paste it inside a card without saving it as a file before.
Even though it’s a minor feature I use it frequently.

Board Background

This is a stupid feature but you know, not only technical features are important 🙂
Trello allows to set a background from an image set and even though it is useless it is very pleasant.


Both of them are supported by zapier and IFTTT.

Power Ups / Extensions

Trello supports many power ups that can extend Trello features like calendar, card aging or something more. The only drawback is that only one power up is allowed in free plan. This limit can be extended to 5 if you invite new customers to the board.
On the other hand asana allows integration with some applications that can load data from it. Instagantt is an example of that.


Creation Tasks/Cards from emails

Both support the creation of tasks/cards by sending an email to a predefined address.


As I said at the beginning I think that both worth as free tasks manager, I suggest trying both and take your decision basing on your preferences.
Asana has by far more tech features than Trello, while Trello is more user friendly.

I use Trello in my private life, and Jira in my working life in order to manage projects because I think that jira is the best one to work on dev projects.
If  I wouldn’t have used Jira at work I would probably have used Asana thanks to his tech features.
I also use Trello in my daily working life in order to manage all my activities with Getting Things Done GTD methodology.

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